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Urology Department

Specialising in Endoscopic Surgery and Endoscopy

Dr. Shadi Badaan

Specialist in Surgery and Urinary Tract Reconstruction

Dr. Badaan graduated from the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Medicine in 2001 and specialised in Urology at Rambam Hospital. He completed his specialisation in Urology at two prestigious universities in the United States: John Hopkins University in Robotic Operations in 2009 and the University of Houston, Texas in Urinary Tract Reconstruction in 2017. He has been Director of the Urology Department since 2018, in addition to being a Urologist at Rambam Hospital and a consultant in laser technology research at Lumenis. He received a Certificate of Merit from the Maccabi Healthcare Fund in 2012 for his excellent treatment of patients.

Hamoud Hamoud

Nurse in Charge. Mr. Hamoud obtained his degree in Healthcare Facilities Management from the Max Stern Yezreel Valley College in 2013. He also holds a Masters in Geriatrics and a Doctorate in Political Science, obtained in 2015.

Specialist Doctors

Prof. Shimon Meretyk

Urologist and Urological Endoscopy Specialist

Dr Fadi Zoubi

Services Offered

  • Clinic for receiving patients
  • Diagnosis and exploration of urinary tract stones and treatment with lasers
  • Diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract tumours
  • Surgery on tumours, prostatectomy, narrowing, and correction of urinary tract defects and others
  • Diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexual function problems in men and improving male fertility
  • General Medicine for the treatment of urinary tract diseases