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Psychiatry Department

Clinical services, outpatient clinics and emergency department

Dr Nabil Geraisy

Dr. Nabil, a psychiatrist, began his medical career at the Nazareth Hospital as a general doctor and returns back as a director of the Mental Health department. He completed his studies in medicine at the University of Padua in Italy, and specialized in psychiatry at the Mezraa Hospital, He is specialize in psychiatry of eating disorders, hypnosis, group guidance and legal psychiatry and he has also Master in Health Systems Administration. His career and diagnostic experience is rich as well, as he held the position of Deputy Director of Psychiatrist in the Ministry of Health in the Northern District, a psychiatrist at the National Insurance Institute, a member of various medical committees as well as working in his private clinic in Nazareth.

Ledia Deek

Ledia Deek completed her secondary education with a Nursing Certificate in 1991. She worked as a nurse in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency Department at the French Hospital Saint Vincent de Paul in Nazareth. She completed her studies alongside work and moved to work for the Meuhedet Health Fund until 2000, after which she joined the Nazareth Hospital EMMS. She holds several qualifications, including a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, with a specialisation in Mental Health Nursing, Clinical Counselling and Management in Nursing. Nurse Deek is currently training a new generation of nurses as a Clinical Counsellor at the nursing school, where she as previously taught mental health.

Specialist Doctors

Dr Nabil Geraisy

Dr Samih Gattas

Dr Sami Rahhal