Nazareth Hospital EMMS

Part of the Nazareth Trust
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The Nazareth Hospital EMMS is one of the oldest hospitals in the Middle East and the largest in Nazareth. The hospital is run by the Nazareth Trust and makes up one of four areas of the Trust’s work in Israel. You can read more about the Nazareth Trust and its wider work here.

The Nazareth Hospital EMMS traces its roots back to 1861, when a young Christian doctor, Dr Kaloost Vartan, made the journey from Edinburgh to Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus, to establish a small four-bed clinic. At that time, it was the only medical facility in the town, and as far as Damascus and Beirut in the north, and Jerusalem in the south. Dr Vartan carried out pioneering medical work, reaching out to a population with a very low life expectancy.

Today the Nazareth Hospital is a general hospital with Nazareth’s main Emergency Room that works 24/7, ICU, a recently refurbished Cath Lab, Orthopaedic Surgical department, General Surgical department, Pediatric surgical unit, Urology Unit and  Esthetic Clinic.

The hospital has a Medical department with Tuberculosis and Cardiac clinics, as well as a Dialysis unit, Psychiatry Department (the only Arab one in Nazareth), Delivery rooms, a unique Neonate unit, Gastrology unit, X-ray department and other medical clinics that serve tens of thousands of patients every year.

The Nazareth Hospital is one of the area’s biggest employers and seeks to serve all people with the highest scientific and medical standards. The hospital is affiliated with Bar-Ilan University and is committed to developing medical education and research, each year welcoming many students of medicine, nursing and other medical fields from universities and colleges around the world.